A03: DeLand weather

This assignment helps you practice with more advanced “select” queries. We’ll use a dataset of DeLand’s weather downloaded from FSU’s Climate Center. You will only query one table, weather_deland, in the cinf201 database.


In a single file named A03.sql, write “select” queries that meet the following criteria:

  1. Show all fields from the 10 most recent records, ordered by date (most recent first).
  2. Select the single hottest temperature; just report this temp.
  3. Show the high temperature and year (in that order) for every christmas day (Dec 25); order by temp (highest first); ignore null high temps.
  4. Show the month, avg_temp, and precipitation for days where precipitation was greater than 5 inches; order by month (earlier months first); skip null values for avg_temp.
  5. Find the coldest Monday; report the min_temp and recdate; ignore min_temps that are null.


cinf201-test A03


cinf201-submit A03


For date-related queries (like day of week queries), refer to MySQL’s date and time functions.

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