A05: Pokédex

This assignment helps you practice with normalized table design. You are asked to create a set of tables, with proper relationships, to represent some Pokémon facts.


Write a single file named A05.sql. Include use cinf201_myname at the top (where myname is your username). Choose at least 10 Pokémon (from this list), at least 10 abilities, and at least 10 moves, and all relevant “types” for the Pokémon you’ve chosen. Create tables with proper foreign keys to satisfy the kinds of queries listed below, and write “insert” queries to add the facts you’ve chosen. Your tables must be named with pok_ at the beginning of every table name. Write at least one example “select” query for each of the following:

You do not need to include any more information than what is necessary for those queries.

Your tables must be normalized according to the definition from our notes.


There is no automated tester. However, you can test your SQL code for your own benefit:

mysql -t < A05.sql


cinf201-submit A05

Grading rubric

Out of 3 points:

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