Group project


Work alone or with one other person. Your application idea must be approved by me ahead of time. Create an application that meets these requirements:

  • Use a database (MySQL, SQLite, or something else that I approve).
  • Create at least four tables, and make your tables normalized (up to “level 3 normalization”).
  • Include appropriate indexes on your tables (at least one index, which might be just primary keys).
  • Include features in your app that insert, update, and delete data.
  • Include at least one aggregation query.
  • Make a user interface that allows a regular person to use your application.
  • Make the user interface visually appealing.
  • Ensure there are no SQL-injection security vulnerabilities (e.g., execute queries like we did in our Flask homeworks).

You do not need to use londo if you don’t wish to. Everyone should email me a ZIP of their project. The deadline for submission by email is Sat May 4, 5pm. Everyone will demonstrate their app during our “final exam” time, Sat May 4, 5-7pm.


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